Mold Remediation

Water damaged homes or businesses are vulnerable to attack by mold. Moisture that results from flood water damage, smoke and water clean up and other disasters promotes the growth of fungi like Stachybotrys Atra that often create health issues. Other varieties of mold may damage furnishings, destroy documents or even compromise the integrity of the structure.

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Mold Removal Consultation & Inspection

If you are aware of mold in your home or office, or suspect there may be mold present, call for an immediate inspection. Our mold remediation specialists will use state of the art equipment to detect the presence of moisture that may be harboring mold growth.

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How We Do It

Flood Solutions provides advanced and effective services to find and remove mold. Simply cleaning an area to kill mold is not sufficient to insure that it has been neutralized; mold removal is the only effective solution. Flood Solutions' mold remediation team has the proper equipment and expertise necessary to remove even the most extreme cases of mold.

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Flood Solutions Inc. follows the IICRC-S520 guidelines for mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings. However, when serious health issues are a factor, we adhere strictly to specific protocols written by third-party environmental consultants.