Fire, Water, & Smoke

Flood & Fire Solutions immediate response team provides emergency service 24 hours a day for clean up and restoration of fire, water and smoke damage. Whether it is residential or commercial properties, damaged materials are often salvageable with timely professional expertise. Our team of professionals will identify contents that can be salvaged and transfer them to our restoration facility where they are returned to their pre-damage condition.

Fire, Water and Smoke Damage

Fire, Water, & Smoke Damage

Our technicians will identify any materials that can be saved or recovered. Once the damaged materials have been identified, they will be cleaned onsite or transferred to our facilities for proper restoration. All contents are inventoried, photographed and returned as quickly as possible. Whether cleaned onsite or in our facility, Flood & Fire Solutions technicians have access to the most advanced cleaning technology to ensure the restoration of your possessions.

Flood & Fire Solutions Rapid Response

Timing is Critical

Environmental control can mean the difference between saving valuable possessions, electronics, and equipment from the effects of corrosion. Fire and water damage mitigation is directly correlated to response time and the deployment of effective restoration techniques. Immediate stabilization can be achieved by protecting affected surfaces and employing effective environmental controls.