Content Recovery and Cleaning

When disaster strikes; it can wreak havoc on the contents of your home or business. Flood & Fire Solutions immediate response team is equipped with advanced cleaning technology and content recovery professionals that identify, recover, and restore the contents of your home or business to their pre-damaged condition.

Content Recovery 1Disaster knows no boundaries. All too often, a disaster means that the contents of your home or business are damaged as well. Damaged items are often salvageable with timely professional expertise. After securing your site, the Flood & Fire Solutions content recovery experts identify items that can be salvaged. They then clean them onsite or transfer them to our secure facility where they are restored to their pre-damaged condition. All contents are inventoried and photographed.

Content Recovery 2

Whether cleaned on- or off-site, Flood & Fire Solutions’ technicians have access to the most advanced cleaning technology. We can restore many of your precious items that may otherwise have been lost. Our trained professionals keep track of all your items using the latest inventory software so that they will be returned to you quickly and efficiently after they are cleaned.

Successful water, fire, smoke or storm damage mitigation is directly correlated to response time and the deployment of effective restoration techniques. Time is critical and environmental control can mean the difference between saving valuable possessions, electronics, and equipment and sending them to the junkyard. Immediate stabilization can be achieved by protecting affected areas and establishing environmental control. Rapid response frequently alleviates the need for expensive and time-consuming replacement.

Our fully integrated program streamlines the process of inspecting, inventorying, packing, tracking, restoring, and returning property that is involved in an insurable loss.

Content Recovery Services

  • Residential and Commercial claims
  • On-site storage for restorable, salvageable and non-restorable items
  • Complete chain of item documentation
  • Safe and secure control of your property
  • Thorough photo inventory system
  • Quick turnaround
  • Prompt closing of claims
  • Successfully and accurately respond to claim audits

Electronics and High-Tech Equipment

Flood & Fire Solutions provides specialists who can restore most of today’s high-tech equipment including computers, televisions, recorders, cameras, telephones and more. The restoration, rather than the replacement, of these items dramatically reduces the resulting claim.

Rugs, Clothing, Furniture

Unique procedures and processes enable the complete restoration of many garments, rugs, tapestries, furs, leathers, upholstery, tables, credenzas, armoires, pictures, dishes, etc. Many of these items are irreplaceable as they have a personal value. Valuable belongings that can’t be cleaned on site are thoroughly inventoried, carefully packed out, and safely stored in our climate-controlled storage facility.